What you should know before hiring a criminal defense lawyer

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What percentage of their cases deal with issues like mine?

I handle mostly criminal defense and some family matters, like divorce, paternity, child support, etc. In the criminal defense area, I have handled many, many DUI cases, Drug Possession, Trafficking, Violent Crimes, and many others, including federal matters and jury trials.


How much experience does this lawyer have? What is their record?

As an attorney licensed Florida, Maryland and Massachusetts for the past 13 years, I have handled too many cases to count and tried a lot of those before a jury. As an Assistant District Attorney in Massachusetts and an Assistant State Attorney in Florida, I received the very best training in what it takes for the State to obtain a conviction. On the opposite side of the courtroom since 2006, I have helped many, many people accused of crimes get the best possible outcome in this very difficult and trying time. I have the compassion to understand what it really feels like when the State is attempting to take away your liberty. I try to maintain a very small caseload so I can give each client the attention that this possibly life-changing event demands.


How will a lawyer contact me?

For client communications I prefer email or text, so I can work on your questions before spending a great deal of time chatting on the telephone. Sometimes a situation requires a telephone call. However, I am a firm believer in face-to-face meetings with clients and anyone else who plays a significant role in my professional practice. I make every effort to return client communications on the same day.

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